ستاک شعر

در گستره شعر وادب

Trained by Two Superpowers, but Works for ONE


This story is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents, and

dialogues are products of the author’s imagination and are

not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental


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By Shafiq Ahmad Setak

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Title: Trained by Two Superpowers, but Works for ONE


Shafiq is an intelligent young handsome Afghan teenage boy who loves martial art, body building and reading fiction. He particularly likes reading stories in which the main character is a detective, Interpol police officer or a James Bond like spy serving his country and good causes. Therefore, he starts to read dozens of espionage books written by Iranian famous writers such as, Amir Asheiri and Parviz Qazi Saeed. For example, The Spy with Blue Eyes, The Point of Explosion, The Man who Never Existed, Horror in the Nile Shore, The Man with the Yellow Coat and so on.

 It is 1977 during the era of President Mohammad Daud in Afghanistan whose regime was brought down by a coup said to have been master-minded by the Kremlin.   At the other end of the spectrum is Shafiq’s father, very religious and against his son’s reading habits and going to sport clubs.

One of Shafiq’s cousins by the name of Abdul Qader, who is a teacher of Islamic theology at Bakhtar High School in Mazar-e- Sharif, always motivates Shafiq to study and learn about Islam, its history and perspectives in regard to governance, social justice and welfare etc. Abdul Qader, who later becomes a famous resistance commander in Marmol Valley in the Southern parts of Mazar City, provides Shafiq with religious books to read.

A year after,  a military coup known as The Sour Revolution takes place with help from the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan. President Dauoud and his entire family are assassinated during the coup in 1978. The People party first led by Noor Mohammad Taraki and later by Hafizullah Amin embarks on a policy of arresting and killing Mullahs, religious scholars and anybody considered a potential threat to the Marxist and communistic ideology and its followers in Afghanistan. As a result, thousands of people are captured and killed and millions are left with one choice, that of leaving their belonging and loved ones behind and immigrating to Pakistan and Iran.

Shafiq’s cousin, Abdul Qader, manages to escape his arrest from the High School in which he teaches when he is told by the school principle that he has to go and see the Mayor of Mazar-e-Sharif. Instead of going to the mayor’s office, Qader leaves the city and disappears for a long time leaving no trace behind him. However, after 7 months, one morning when Shafiq and his mother are filling a container with water from the tap in open space of their house, a man with warning a turban and a long rural coat enters their house. Shafiq’s mother recognizes the man and with a loud voice says “O! My God, Mawlavi Qader has come back. Trying to pacify his aunt, Qader says: “Please keep quiet and don’t make any noise so that nobody should know I have come here”. Qader is taken to a room inside the house. He himself draws the curtains to cover the window completely. Shafiq asks where he was for the last few months. I had gone to Pakistan and came back a week ago. Says Qader. He takes off his turban and searches his pockets. Besides some other stuff, he has cards in his pocket. As far as I know, you are not a gambler and I have never seen you play with cards. But why you have them in your pocket now? Asks Shafiq. Well, I came from Pakistan through Torkham Highway by bus and I used a photo changed ID of one of my friends who had recently finished his military service. That’s why I wore this long villagers coat with a turban to divert the attention of the regimes secret police. I also bought these cards in case soldiers in the security and checking posts search my pockets think that I am one of those gamblers. I did all these to avoid being recognized by any students of mine who might serve in any regimes check posts from Jalalabad (the eastern city of Afghanistan near Pakistan border) to Mazar. Responds Qader.

Staying till evening and visiting his mother that day, Qader bids farewell and leaves the house of his aunt at Chectgari District of Mazar-e-Sharif. Then for a few months none of his relatives know anything about him and his ware about.

It’s 1979 and Hafizullah Amin has taken power in Kabul killing his master Taraki. Now, everywhere in Afghanistan, pockets of armed resistance against the communist regime have been established. In Mazar too, there were two or three cases of attacks on the regimes security and check posts and pro-regime elements people who worked for “Khad” the regime’s secret police were assassinated here and there. In this regard, Commander Zabiullah and his men were very active in the Marmol Valley. The people of Mazar talked abut Zabiullah’s piety and humbleness and good system of justice saying that he is the same Abdul Qader who taught at Bakhtar High School.

At this time, Shafiq is at High School, grade 11. One day, Mushfiq, the people’s party recruitment officer at the school in which Shafiq studies, visits his class putting pressure on most top students to join the party. He asks Shafiq to come to his office and join the youth group of People Party at school. Commander Zabiullah’s informers at the High School  inform him that his cousin has been seen in the monthly session/meeting of the people party’s young member at his school. Zabiullah sends one of his liaisons to meet Shafiq and his father together showing a written and stamped message by Zabiullah asking Shafiq to join the people party at school and wait for further instructions.

This opens a new chapter in the history of Shafiq’s life since from the age of 16; he is working like a spy in favour of the resistance fighters. A year after, Shafiq joins Khad with the consent of Commander Zabiullah and went to Kabul and later to Moscow to study and receive further trainings.

At the end of his training program, Shafiq is invited to big party/ reception held on the occasion of his training completion in Moscow.  He is reluctant to attend the party being concerned to be seen by other Afghans who might have been invited. However, Shafiq asks his KGB mentor/instructor to allow him to go in disguise to which he agrees. So he attends the party and meets many Afghan and Russians officers. Then during the time of Babrak Karmal’s Regime,  he comes back to Afghanistan and works for the regime’s secret police in Kabul, but sends good reports about everything he knows about the communist regimes forces movements and deployments within the country to Commander Zabiullah.

Working for 8 months, Shafiq gets concerned about being discovered by the KGB and the Afghan secret police (Khad) and asks Zabiullah to let him come and join them in the war fronts. Finally, Commander Zabiullah agrees and Shafiq takes a week leave from his boss making the pretext of seeing his mother. Coming to his hometown, Mazar, one night he goes to Marmol with a group of Zabiullah’s men who had come to take him.

Now, Zabiullah has just come from a trip to Masoud’s Front in Panjsheer Valey. He wants apply most of Masoud’s suggestion, for example leaving the Marmol valley and expanding his influence and resistance Front to different parts of Balkh province as well as focusing on short and long term military and disciplinary training of his mujahedeen.  Shafiq is appointed to teach martial arts and proper ways of shooting right at the target by pistols/revolvers. Commander Zabiullah works very hard training his forces and dividing them into dynamic groups of operational guerrillas.

Six months after, Commander Zabiullah sends Shafiq to Pakistan to learn English and back to work as an interpreter because by now, there are many journalists and reporters from the west and other freedom loving countries of the world came to visit Zabiullah and his Fronts as they went to Panjsher valley to see Masoud and his Mujahedeen forces scattered in Panjsher and its neighbouring provinces.

Shafiq reaches Pakistan after 22 days of walking on foot. He starts learning English through courses like IRC, International Rescue Committee and the American Centre in Peshawar. He also meets with Masoud Khalily, a pro Masoud active member of Rabbani’s Party. (Jamiat-e-Islami of Afghanistan).

In 1987, Shafiq joins a program of Intensive Language Course offered by the University of Nebraska for Afghan Refugees. The program prepares Afghan students for college and higher education purposes in the US. He establishes good rapport with instructors, especially, with a nice woman by the name of Ms. Crystal. He gets a scholarship and comes to study at the said university.

There, he joins the CIA. Receives further training. . Then the Communist regime of Dr. Najeeb collapses and the Mujahideen come to power. Internal fighting between rival factions engulfs the capital and some of the other cities of Afghanistan. General Dostum, the leader of the Uzbek Militia forces changes sides several times. First he and his men fights in favour of Masoud, then he joins Hekmatyar and the Shiite groups led by Mazari who is subsequently killed by the Taliban.

Shafiq is sent to Kabul by the Americans Sent to work alongside other agents. Ostensibly, he works in a non-profit organization in the Afghan capital.

An important scene in the movie can be the story narrated by many Afghans about General Rashid Dostum and his services for the regime of Dr. Najeebullah. Najeeb paid a lot of money to Dostum and his militia’s forces for fighting against the resistance fighters. It has been said that President Najeeb once wanted to meet General Dostum at his temporary base in Kabul. While Dostum’s men stood in line considering the military rules of the Afghan army, Dr. Najeeb informed Dostum of many complaints about the atrocities committed by his forces in villages and rural areas during or after fighting the opposition groups. Najeeb accuses Dostum of not having proper control over his men and said that his militias disobeyed Dostum’s command most of the time. Dostum who has very limited education gets a little upset and said to Dr. Najeeb in front of other high ranking army officers. “What are you talking abut Sir. What the fucking people are telling behind me. Who says that my men do not obey me? Mr. President. Meanwhile, Dostum takes the pistol from one of the officers behind Dr. Najeeb and calls upon one of his men to come one step ahead. Dostum throws the pistol to his man and orders him to shoot himself in the arm and leg. Called on militia opens fire on himself injuring his left arm and leg and waiting for his boss’s further command. Dostum turns to Dr. Najeeb and says: What is this. Isn’t it obedience Sir? Do you want me to order one of my men to kill him by himself, Mr. President?


Shafiq works successfully on several missions, most important of which foiling an attempt of selling and smuggling a couple of Stinger Missiles by a group of Shiite armed men to Iran.

Then, comes the Taliban era and Kabul is captured by the Taliban among whom Arab fighters and Al-Qaeda have infiltrated. At this point, Shafiq is ordered to go to Kandahar and keep an eye on Al-Qaida operatives’ movements. He is shifted to the same non-profit organization’s branch in Kandahar city...

When General Mali another Uzbek warlord first breaks his coalition with Masoud and joins the Taliban and then changes side affecting the Taliban a great loss and a heavy defeat in the North of Afghanistan, Shafiq goes to Mazar city to find a very advanced and sophisticated video camera of a western journalist lost there during skirmishes between General Malik’s militias and the Taliban fighters. Knowing Ustad Ata Mohammad, the present governor of Balkh, Shafiq uses his influence to find the camera since he is the cousin of Commander Zabiullah-e- Shaheed and Uta Mohammad Noor was one of his junior commanders during the resistance war against Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.


Important Scenes:

After 9-11, the west led by the US attack the Taliban ousting their government from Kabul and going after Al-Qaeda , especially its leaders and Zawahiri,

Bin Laden escapes to the tribal areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan via a long valley/canyon in which he and his followers have dug deep and long tunnels.

When a couple of NATO tanks and armored personnel carriers go to the valley to capture Al-Qaida leaders, NATO forces are caught by a surprise ambush attack in which dozens of RPG and other anti tank missiles and guns are used inflicting  heavy casualties on the western coalition forces.

After Ben Laden and his high ranking commanders escape through the tunnel (we can say  in the Tura Bura region), they destroy their base by dynamite leaving no trace behind them.  (This can convince the world that the West has no information about Al-Qaida  leaders’ present ware about (hiding place) since they are no longer in Afghanistan where NATO and the US have deployed more than hundred thousands of troops.

It’s 2001 and Hamid Karzai is the new leader in Afghanistan. Peace restored in most part of Afghanistan and reconstruction programs have began.

Shafiq takes leave from his office (boss) and comes to New York to visit his sister who has immigrated to the US  8 years ago. He gets married there. ( Here we can put some love making scenes in the movie)

During Shafiq’s honey moon in Las Vegas, his newlywed wife is abducted by unknown men. They also capture Shafiq. The unknown men tie two big concrete bricks at the back of Shafiq taking him 5 kilometer inside the ocean. One of the men who seems to be the group leader/ commander sarcastically says to Shafiq: “Mr. Shafiq! Let’s see if you still remember some of those swimming techniques taught to you by both the KGB and the CIA” You could swim a long distance when you were young in Moscow. I’m not sure you have the same stamina now since time and old age are important factors. By the way, you’ve spent a lot of your energy and power during the last few days of your honey moon. However, I’ll do a favor for you. I will not tie your hands and legs, but I’ll take your pen, built and shoe because you might have some equipment in those things that might help you under the sea cut rope by which the concrete bricks are tied on top of your back”. Saying good buy Mr. Shafiq, he orders his men to drop him into the ocean from a small boat in which they have taken Shafiq inside the ocean.

Shafiq, being heavy starts to plummet deeper and deeper under the sea. Suddenly he remembers that his car key is still in his pocket. He searches his coat and gets the car key which is equipped with a small sharp knife. He manages to cut the rope and get rid of the concrete brick from his back. Now Shafiq is too tired being under water for more than 5 minutes. His car key is also equipped with GPS that shows his location. He switches the GPS on. The CIA /FBI locate him and start a successful rescue operation.

When Shafiq does not cooperate with his wife captors, they send him an envelope with a DVD that shows his wife and masked men threatening him to say yes to their demands, most important be ready to work for their organization and provide them with as much information about the US/CIA agents in Afghanistan as he knows). Also, in DVD, those who have abducted Shafiq’s wife threaten to accept their suggestions, otherwise they will inform the CIA that he was a previous KGB agent who received training in Moscow.

Now Shafiq knows that the abductors are either Russian new intelligent service (FSB)  or mafia groups. But, Shafiq has no consternation that before joining the CIA, he has informed his English instructor Ms. Crystal of everything about his past.

When Shafiq does not cooperate, they kill his wife and the FBI finds her corpse  on the side walk of a highway in a mountainous rural area on the way to New York. Now Shafiq knows that the FSB or the mafia group’s next target will be him. So he takes extra care. Also, the CIA appoints another agent for his protection. Shafiq also goes to see his wife dead body perhaps for the last time. However, when he and his co-worker are driving back from that mountainous area, on way, a helicopter emerges in the sky all of a sudden from behind a hill/cliff, and a man with a machinegun starts several round of fire on their car. As result, Shafiq’s co-worker dies on the spot and he himself gets inured in the arm and leg. But he manages to drop himself out of the vehicle and holds tight from a small tree. The car overturns and dives into a deep ditch/valley/canyon. The helicopter once again turns back to check if no one has escaped from the shooting. However, Shafiq manages to hide himself inside the bush near the cliff.

When the helicopter goes away, Shafiq calls the CIA/FBI, they come for their rescue. He is hospitalized. He asks his boss to announce that Shafiq is seriously injured receiving wounds in his head, chest, arms and legs. He remains at the hospital for two weeks despite his head and chest being OK.

Of course Shafiq does this for a purpose to show for those who are after him that he is no longer an active service member.

Shafiq is discharged from the hospital and starts to live in a condominium with high surveillance and camera in many parts and corridors. The building is used mostly by the CIA agents. The next day at 6:PM, Shafiq’s apartment interphone beeps. The voice of a man comes via the phone. The voice seems somewhat familiar to Shafiq. But he cannot figure out when he has heard that voice because of the trauma to his hid and arm and leg injury. The man says that he is also from the CIA and his boss ( Choose a name here) has sent him to deliver an important message) Shafiq becomes suspicious since he knew that his boss/contact person always informed him personally before sending someone or he used the secured mailing system etc. So, Shafiq has a few minutes to act till the man reaches the 15th floor. He goes to another room in his apartment and takes a helmet from his backpack. Puts the helmet on his head and gets a lot bandages and tie the helmet and his nick and chin with the bandage. Opens the fridge door and gets some pomegranate juice and ketch up and smears part of the bandage on his head. He wears two bulletproof waistcoats and goes to his bedroom. Takes his three revolvers/ pistols and puts one under the quilt to his right side and two guns to his left-hand side. Of course his arms and hands have already plastered at the hospital, but he could use his left hand still very well since he was slightly inured in the right arm. Shafiq activates a small video camera from behind a couple of books on a bookcase focusing it on entrance door of his bedroom. He unlocks the door and leaves it open. There is nobody else at Shafiq’s apartment since the nurse who came for dressing and brought food came usually at 7:30 PM. Checking his guns and making them ready for any potential dangerous situation for a shoot out, Shafiq leans to a pillow on his bed, the pistols under the quilt, the helmet on his head under the bandages while having put on two bulletproof waistcoats.

It’s a rainy day of April with showers that brings May flowers outside. The door of his apartment is knocked. Shafiq speaks aloud saying that the door is open and that he is in the bedroom since his wounds are still not OK. He hears the apartment door opened and closed. A tall strong reddish man with one hand in his raincoat pocket appears in front of the door. Shafiq tries to recollect where he has seen the man before. Though the man voice is very familiar, Shafiq can’t recognize him very well. Suddenly Shafiq recollects that the man voice is very similar to that of one of his instructors who had trained him in Moscow in a KGB secrete training camp. Shafiq moves his hand under the quilt to get one of his guns with right hand. The man tone of voice suddenly changes from a friendly one to a warning saying that take it easy Mr. Shafiq. If you make another movement, I’ll shoot you right at your forehead because I have had  my pistol in my hand inside my pocket since I entered your apartment. Then the man says “ You are very lucky Shafiq because of having so many close calls, you are still alive. But this time, I cam by myself to close your file for ever as you’ve become a source of headache for us. The orders Shafiq to sweep the guns from under the quilt with his hand on the floor.  Shafiq follows the man order and sweeps one of his pistols by his right hand to the floor next to his bed. The man orders to do the same with the other gun too.  Shafiq follows the order and also lefts part of the quilt from the right half of his body assuring the man that he has no more gun with him on the bed since his left hand is plastered and hanged lightly with some pieces of bandages on his shoulder. The man says that is like a good boy, like that young Shafiq who received orders from him at the  KGB training camp in Moscow. The man informs Shafiq that he knew everything about him especially, the fact that Shafiq was really good at shooting and hitting the target with the right hand, but could not use pistols with his left hand properly. Then he asks Shafiq if he knows his mentor/instructor. Now Shafiq recognizes the man as someone by the name  of “ Boris”. Shafiq asks if the man is Mr. Boris who trained him marksmanship with pistols and revolvers in the late USSR. The man  says: O! Mr. Shafiq, it seems that your brain is still perfect and you can recollect things properly. So you have a golden brain Mr. Shafiq. But it is time to melt that golden brain with the fire of a few lead and copper bullets. The man removes a pistol armed with a long silencer from his right rain coat pocket pointing toward Shafiq. He comes two steps closer to shoot. Shafiq says before killing him answer only one question. The man says what is it? Shafiq asks how can he be Mr. Boris with the same voice but different face since that Mr. Boris who taught at the KGB camp, had a complete different complexion. The man says to Shafiq that the KGB was not so naïve to send their agents with their real faces in front of new recruits. He says that he always used a mask and came with a different face to teach new agents. The man says Good bye Mr. Shafiq and no time for further questions and answers. He fires three shots on Shafiqs forehead and another four on his chest and abdomen. One of the bullets misses his forehead, but the other two hit their target properly. One of the pomegranate juices that was injected in long thin plastic sacks and placed on the helmet under the bandages on Shafiq’s head leaks and the juice spread on his forehead and part of his face. Shafiq screams and makes the same acting and noises of a person being hit by bullets.   Meanwhile, he lies/ turns a little bit towards his left side releasing his left hand from the loose bandage tied to his neck and takes his third pistol that was laid under his thigh. To deceive the man, Shafiq also recites the Muslim “Kalema” La Ilaha Illallah, Mohammadur Rasoullah” which is read by all Practicing Muslim when they struggle with the throes of death. This convinces the man that Shafiq is no longer functional and for a moment stops shooting to assess the situation. At this time, Shafiq who has got the gun in his left hand jumps from the top of the bed to the left side of the floor firing several shots towards the man with his left hand at the same time. One of his bullets impacts right at the neck of the man and another on his right arm. Shafiq fires one more shot to the man’s right leg that brings him to his knees.  The man screams and tries to fire toward Shafiq, but he does not give him time and fires another shot target the man’s right hand. The pistol fells off the man’s hand and he raises his hands up as a sign of submission. The man abuses Shafiq by saying, you fucking fool Afghan. How did you learn shooting with your left hand? Shafiq answers that the CIA taught him shooting with both hands.

By this time, the FBI arrives and surrounds the area. They enter Shafiq’s apartment and captures the wounded man. Later on, investigations prove that the man had come to the US after the collapse of the Soviet Union and gave some information to the CIA about KGB etc.. and worked as an agent in one of the braches. With this arrest, the FBI and the CIA discover a very dangerous network of the Russian agents who have been working in the US for decades.

Meanwhile, the CIA announces that one of his agents by the name of Shafiq or giving (his code number or pseudonym) has been killed declaring Shafiq as dead. But changing his face a little bit and giving him another name and identity, open a new chapter of Shafiq’s future missions.

The end.


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Shafiq Ahmad Setak

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Written in Farsi firs and posted to the author’s Persian weblog.

Then written in brief on April 14, 2011 in English.


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